The Journey Thus Far, Chia Fork Farmer Turned Chia Fork Trader

Certainly it has been an interesting ride from back in early May of 2021 when my business partner said to me, “have a look into this Chia thing and see what you think, I might want to get into it” and I agreed to take a quick look. Well, about 3 hours later, I had deleted just about everything from all my hard drives and was generating my first plot. Like many, I was quite enthused with the concept, seeing the XCH price at $1250 USD and the netspace was a whopping 2.45 EiB. I think, like many a farmer, I was ready to get “Chia rich”. Most of us know how this story plays out, and I am still quite the Chia enthusiast, but reality had set in along the way and my involvement into the Chia world remains towards the long game. My 420 plots is not getting me a Lambo tomorrow.

I won’t get much further into the path down the Chia farmer road, as most would have similar stories, learning how to plot effectively, discovering SWAR, learning CLI and then Unbuntu, learning more about PCs, windows and hard drives than I ever thought I would in a lifetime. The greatest reward down the Chia path has been the learning experience and all the knowledge I have gained along the way. To date, I have won only a single block for 2 XCH.

The real story began when I was doing some daily Chia research and came across a thread talking about “Flax” and forking Chia. As I was curious about this and hearing “farm this fork with your existing Chia plots”, I was instantly interested in finding out more. Was it safe? Was this a joke? A scam? Would they steal my keys? All these questions, I think a lot of us had when we first heard about Chia Forks as a concept.

Of course this led me to Discord, where all the action was taking place. First contact for me was the Official Flax Discord group, where I learned all about farming a fork and especially about “use a Cold Wallet”. The Flax Discord was just a stepping stone however, because I quickly discovered the community I loved the most, which was Chia Fork Farmers Discord group and their “wild west” channel known as #unchecked-forks. This opened up the Chia Fork world for me like a domino effect and very quickly I was farming Chaingreen and SpareCoin. As well, Fork Farmers were farming them many of them and selling/buying/trading these forks through various trade channels. But I was never about farming those early forks and merely selling what Fork coins I won. I just liked winning something since my “Chia ETW” was months, and these new Forks were days at most. Gotta love that dopamine kick when you win a block.

Little did I know where this was all going to lead to.

Farm em’ all and let Bram sort em’ out!

Azile -June 2021

The crazy part of the journey began when I came home one evening after having more than my fair share of beer and realized that a new fork had been discovered. It was simply called Goji and people were piling on it to farm it “early”. Since I was caught up in the excitement, as well as being hammered, I recklessly pounded my 24 word key mnemonic into this strange new fork with complete abandon. It was all set up and working, the chain was having stop/start issues and such, but I was in early! I passed out dreaming of “MOAR GOJI” that I would hopefully wake up to the next day.

The hangover hit when I got up.

WTF is a TimeLord? Are we farming forks or playing an MMO?

Something was wrong with the original Goji chain and very shortly, Goji V2 was live and we were all starting over. Still though, I got in again early and farmed away, but that Netspace went up quickly and I never really received as many XGJ as I though I would, despite the early start. Shortly after, I discovered ChiaRose with its non-unique genesis code…and I farmed it for “love”.

Azile is always down to throw those 24 key words into the latest new “Chia Fork”.

I began to get quite interested in the Chia Fork trading, posting some trades and buying some Flax (XFX) with some of my Chia and USDT, using Flax (XFX) and Chia (XCH) to trade a bit. It was difficult at that time to know what was a fair price or not, but my idea was that since I cannot get a lot of these Fork Coins through farming, perhaps I can pick up some healthy amounts by trading.

One afternoon, I got tired of bouncing from Discord to Discord, making trade posts, reading trade posts and seeing how each and every one of those trade channels within the Discords were being run almost as an afterthought. So that is when the concept of Chia Fork Traders was born.

I have never made a Discord server. I had zero knowledge in this area. But I figured it cannot be that hard to make one and run, so I decided to try and figure it out. I began to frame it out silently over a day or two, learning my way around it and creating my vision.


Azile – June 2021

And then Seno launched and I was seeing yet another Fork that actually had a very smooth launch and actually had a really good difficulty setting. Seno also took a restart though. There were some issues, I am sure, with Seno V1, I forget exactly, but they had a 21 million premine (which was sent to Gene and Bram, so congrats on your 21 million worthless XSE V1) and other problems, so they restarted with a Seno V2 and it only had a 10 XSE premine (which also was sent to Bram/Gene – WEN LAMBO?!?) and it ran very smoothly. To date, it has been the hardest Chia Fork right out of the gate, at least for me.

The point about Seno, is that it was what caused me to pull the trigger and launch Chia Fork Traders. Until then, I was still hesitant, wondering if this Discord would see anyone to join or be interested. Worried about it failing or people getting mad at me for starting it. But when Seno was first launching, suddenly there was a new Discord made for Seno and a few people were joining. I thought, “Ok, the people jumping in here early are the Fork Farming enthusiasts, so I will soft launch this to them in this Discord (Seno) and then at least not a lot of people will see what I have created so fast and maybe I can get some good feedback”. I was wrong and had completely underestimated what would actually happen.

Chia Fork Traders grew faster than expected…

Most people who joined early, and are part of the community, saw it in the early days and how fast it grew. We hit 1000 members within a few days, trade posts were being made and I had established the Discord where all Fork Trading would take place for now. The number of members kept climbing. As we added new Forks to be listed, we started making deals so we could have “Fork Listing Events” with Give-Aways and Auctions and such. We had members of the community joining to help with various roles, WolfRage creating bots for us and Patrons donating to us to grow the space.

The feedback I have received has been 99.9% positive. We have the highest possible “Discord Security” level possible in order to prevent scammers and bots and we have also kept a vigilant watch to try to keep the trading space safe. We have reputable Escrows to do these type of trades for safety, and the fees the Escrows (including myself) are more than reasonable.

Now I have launched Phase 1 of our Chia Fork “Exchange” system, it is manually run by myself and I use a systematic approach for how the Fork Trade Ratio is established. Trades in and out of the exchange and inventory levels affect the trade ratio and the Exchange allows community members to trade their various fork coins for other fork coins. It also sheds further insight towards the actual relative market price for the various Fork Coins.

The truth is, we are only getting started and we have big plans going forward and this website is another step towards my larger vision for this community.

I do not know where this is all leading, but I look forward to seeing how it eventually plays out. As most know, I need to get to the moon. I am fairly sure that that is where I last parked my Lambo. Need to go get it back. Until then, we will Farm Hard and Trade Smart.

And that is how this “Chia Fork Farmer” became a “Chia Fork Trader”.